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*** REDUCED FROM £34.99 *** Feast your eyes on what some would call the most irritating swimming gadget in the world. Despite this however, most swimmers and triathletes will agree that the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro is one of the best tools to use for efficient training and can dramatically improve an athlete’s speed in the pool.  Finis considers this product to be one of the fundamental four training aids which are highly beneficial for swimming. At Tri Training Harder we agree and recommend this product to all of our coached athletes, those who attend our training holidays and, of course, we use them in our own training as well.

So why do we think these products should be a staple part of every triathletes swim bag? FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro is one of the easiest products to use just set the pace and slip the trainer under a swim hat.   The Tri Training Harder coaches use the Tempo Trainer Pro to help athletes train at a consistent pace allowing athletes to calculate speed based on their swimming threshold pace or CSS (to learn how to calculate CSS, see below*) and push past the threshold pace when required.

The Tri Training Harder coaches use this training aid with a training plan, so that coach and athlete know exactly what paces are required in each session and have seen some of the coached athletes decrease their threshold pace per 100m by up to 10secs through developing a consistent pace alongside good technique. 

*see the swim smooth website for details on calculating and working on your threshold paces


Audible Beep
Loud enough to hear in and out of water

Tempo can be adjusted by 1/100 of a second

Replaceable Battery
Allows for an extended life

Sync Button
Synchronize the device to a pace clock or stopwatch

3 Modes
Single beep from to 0.20 seconds to 99.99 seconds
Triple beep from 1 second to 9:59 minutes
Single beep in strokes/strides per minute Perfect for Pacing
Consistent stroke tempo eliminates lulls in races or workouts

Multi Sport
Applicable for swimming, biking, running and more

Unit floats in water

Small Convenient Size
Easily place under swim cap

Dryland Clip Included
Use the removable clip to secure to clothing

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