It is a common misconception that training is the most important element in preparing for a triathlon; the reality is that good recovery is just as important. In order to get stronger the body must be pushed but then allowed to recover, which is in turn enables the body to be pushed further at the next training session. 

Compressport compression is suitable for all sports, be it triathlon, football, gym or dance, and is used for training, racing and recovery.  Compression increases efficient venous feedback from the feet, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles.   Training with Compressport reduces impact shockwaves and muscle oscillation which helps prevent injury and muscle fatigue. 


High5 Protein Recovery is the ultimate drink for post exercise recovery.  High5 call it 'The Pro's Choice'! The whey isolate used in the Protein Recovery is a high quality source of protein which contributes to muscle growth and maintenance.  After exercise, muscles are often low in glycogen so the High5 recovery includes carbohydrate (glycogen) to ensure maximum recovery.