Now choose the amount of coach assisted set up you would like...


Want your entire plan in one go? A coach will download and put together all three phases upfront with a single 30 minute consultation (£60) so all you have to do is follow the plan! Fill in the form below to sign up.

      Step by step (recommended)

A coach will download all three phases for you with a 30 minute consultation before each phase (£120 for all three consultations). This way, the perfect upcoming phase is always chosen and suits any changes in your time avilable to train or your improving ability. Fill in the form below to sign up.


A one-off bespoke training plan created for you by a coach to suit all your races and other committments. This is one step away from having your own coach. You will have a consultation before each phase and a personal annual training plan will be created for you as well, all for £240.