Tri Training Harder are heading to Greece for a week of intensive training culminating in a weekend of racing and festivities in the heart of the Cyclades. This week will consist of 6 days of training in a squad environment with Tri Training Harder coaches. Accommodation will run from 10th-18th June. It is designed to be specific for both those athletes looking to race long course triathlons and also those training their speed for standard and middle distances. The weekend of racing different disciplines and distances is the final test for the athletes and a wonderful way to tailor the training to triathlon events in this early season tester.

This week is a coaching package with the option to add accommodation and transport. We are providing 7 days of coaching with evening meals in hearty, good quality Greek Tavernas and restaurants to bring a Greek taste to the party.

The ratio of athletes to coach will be below 1:5 and the recommended ability level are those athletes who are comfortable with a moderate to heavy training load. Though the sessions will be tailored for the individual, this is not a training week for the beginner. Attendees must be competent and looking to improve fitness rather than technique.


The swim aim is to work on open water distance swims. There will be a large swim volume throughout the week. There will also be some technical focus within the sessions, however, the main point is to swim!

Swimming will either be in the open water in and around the numerous bays and headland of the rich Aegean waters. Or it will be in the outdoor 8 lane 50m pool. We would recommend bringing a wetsuit with you for the longer swims.


Cycling will be very technical, and though a power meter is not required to complete the sessions, having one will help you see the real developments we are looking at making.

The cycling around Syros is tough, generally hilly and the roads are in average to good quality. If wet, the roads can get slippery.

Each session will focus on the following areas:

  • Anaerobic capacity
  • Top end neuromuscular development
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Functional threshold power “grooving”
  • Muscular strength
  • Recovery

Times and intervals will be individually set based on your personal skills.


Running sessions will be factored in to work off the bike and again, quality running is critical here. Your planned race distance, will determine your interval duration and specific training focus. There will be work at improving muscular strength, top end speed and fatigue resistance.

Running sessions will generally be road running through the old city of Hermoupolis or along the coastal routes of Syros.

In general, this is an over-load week which will be designed to lift your performance at a variety of intervals and efforts.

An approximate training schedule* is below.

Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Morning Arrive Swim (Pool) Swim (Pool) Swim (Pool) Swim (Pool) Steady Bike OW Swim Race Triathlon Obstacle Swim Race
Mid-Morning Long Hill Reps + Run Bike (steady) + 1km Run Reps Top end Bike Power Run Hill Reps Recovery Ride Packing and departure
Early Afternoon Briefing Swim (Pool) Race Sharpener
Evening Mobilisation and familiarisation OW Swim OW Swim Run Race

*Subject to change


The 2nd TRIMORE Syros Triathlon promises a weekend of triathlon festivity with a packed schedule of triathlon and triathlon related events. Our goal is to target The Braves or The Braves Light but to see the full schedule of events please see the Syros triathlon website.

The Braves The Braves Light
AM Friday 16th 5.5km Open Water Swim 3.5km Open Water Swim
08:00 Saturday 17th Olympic Distance Triathlon Sprint Distance Triathlon
18:30 Saturday 17th 10k City Run 5k City Run

Nissaki Hotel, Hermoupolis is a short (2 minute walk to central Hermoupolis and the transition area. Giving it great access to shops and cafes as well as the cultural centre. It is a 5 minute stroll to the race briefing and has a beautiful view over the city and out from the port.

  • Free WiFi Internet Access & free use of a laptop
  • 24Hr room service & wake up call service, luggage transfer service
  • 24Hr Reception
  • Buffet breakfast 07: 00-10: 15 at the multifunction room
  • Sheet change every two days & towels day every
  • Room service breakfast, serve breakfast early (before 7am), takeaway breakfast upon request
  • Laundry / dry cleaning & ironing services, turn-down room service, changing towels-sheets, pillow selection, baby cot available upon request

Please Note: Nissaki Hotel is likely to fill closer to the event but if this occurs, equivalent accommodation will be arranged at no extra cost

Syros is the capital of the Aegean with a rich history and historic wealth. Though generally unknown internationally, Syros is a hidden gem of a Greek island and the summer sees more Greek tourists than internationals or those looking for a quieter more relaxed Greek experience. With its very hilly terrain, excellent sports facilities and temperate June climate, it is the perfect location for an early season opener.

The island boasts an incredibly rich history both in ancient and in modern times. The city centre is a maze of beautiful marble, theatres, and culture.

Not sure and want more information? and we will get back to you.