What can you expect from our TRIplans?

Tri Training Harder’s TRIplans are 12 weeks (Sprint), 20 weeks (Olympic/Standard), 24 weeks (Middle) and 32 weeks (Long Course/Ironman). Each plan is tailored for the race distance with the appropriate amount of technical, base, endurance, speed and race-preparation work dependant on how close your event is.

Designed for variations in ability within swim, bike and run.

What makes our TRIplans stand apart from other generic 'one size fits all' plans is that we take into consideration that you might be stronger in certain disciplines than others, for example you may be an exceptional level runner and a poor swimmer. In this case the schedule would include beginner-level swim sessions alongside run sessions designed for a very well conditioned athlete.

Designed for variations in your weekly time available to swim, bike and run.

Not only can you stipulate your ability level in each discipline, you can also choose how many sessions per week of that discipline you have the time for during a week.

For instance, if you could only get to a pool twice a week yet had time for 5 bike sessions and 3 run sessions, this would also be accounted for in the plan you download!

Designed to change over time.

We are expecting you to improve your ability with time. We are also ready for the fact that your weekly work/family schedule may change. Not a problem. You only have to download one phase at a time, which means that at the end of each phase you can re-assess your situation and make adjustments in your next download if necessary.

All of our TRIplans follow the same pricing structure and work out at only £1 per discipline, per week!

Pricing is done in US Dollars due to billing being done through TrainingPeaks software, which charges in US Dollars

Long Course (Ironman) Distance - 32 weeks for all phases

Base - 8 weeks Build - 16 weeks Competition - 8 weeks All Phases
Swim $12.80 $25.60 $12.80 $51.20
Bike $12.80 $25.60 $12.80 $51.20
Run $12.80 $25.60 $12.80 $51.20

Middle Distance (Half Ironman/70.3) - 24 weeks for all phases

Base - 8 weeks Build - 12 weeks Competition - 4 weeks All Phases
Swim $12.80 $19.20 $6.40 $38.40
Bike $12.80 $19.20 $6.40 $38.40
Run $12.80 $19.20 $6.40 $38.40

Olympic Distance - 20 weeks for all phases

Base - 8 weeks Build - 8 weeks Competition - 4 weeks All Phases
Swim $12.40 $12.40 $6.20 $31.00
Bike $12.40 $12.40 $6.20 $31.00
Run $12.40 $12.40 $6.20 $31.00

Sprint Distance - 12 weeks for all phases

Base - 4 weeks Build - 4 weeks Competition - 4 weeks All Phases
Swim $6.20 $6.20 $6.20 $18.60
Bike $6.20 $6.20 $6.20 $18.60
Run $6.20 $6.20 $6.20 $18.60

Using Training Peaks

Training Peaks is the online coaching software that we use to host our plans. It is completely FREE to use (unless you wish to upgrade to the premium version) and you can use it to record all your Garmin data once you have completed your sessions.

Training Peaks also has a mobile app, useful for accessing your training in an instant!

Once your plan has been downloaded, all you have to do is 'apply the plan' and give it a start date.

Log in to your Training Peaks account and click on the 'Training Plans' tab on the left.

Then click on the plan which you wish to apply.

Now you can choose which date to start applying the plan from. This date can be in the past if you need it do be!

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