The Tri Training Harder Race Team is made up of hard-working people who are all passionate about developing and realising their potential as athletes. Each member of the Race Team uses the professional framework that has been built around them at Tri Training Harder to learn more about themselves as an athlete. The Race Team is a collective of sociable, knowledge-hungry athletes who are all active within the triathlon community.

A Tri Training Harder Race Team athlete is not purely judged on his or her past record of results, what is more important is that they possess a willingness to work as part of a team. In partnership with not only their coach but also the team partners, their team mates and other Tri Training Harder employees and clients alike. A Race Team athlete embodies what Tri Training Harder is all about as a business: Believe. Strive. Achieve.

  • Since the Race Teams inception, Tri Training Harder has worked with partners and associated sponsors to help athletes get the best possible equipment, nutrition and training facilities. With brands like Bridgtown Cycles, The Bosworth Clinic, Huub Design, Champion System, High5 and Athletes Service on side, the race team athletes are connected to a top-end performance network. The Tri Training Harder Race Team athletes also have the unique opportunity to train at Tri Training Harder’s 5-star training base in the Algarve, Portugal during the winter months. Here they can take advantage of the fantastic facilities, warm weather training and have the opportunity to operate from within a team of other like-minded and committed individuals.